Your Intuition Is Here to Help

We’ve all come to a dead end where we just can’t think our way out of a problem. Thinking even becomes part of the problem – you stay up all night analyzing or worrying about the future. You replay events over and over and try to understand things from a new angle.

Here, your intuition is your ally. You have access to more wisdom than you probably realize, and it doesn’t live in the thinking mind. It lives in your body.

None of us can think our way out of every problem. When we don't account for intuitive guidance, it may feel like making a choice is impossible because your heart is not fully on board with any option. At some point, you reach a creative dead end, and depending on the problem, it can feel like your whole life hits a wall too.

Your intuition is your ally because it is always serving your best interests. It sees more than you, the thinking mind, do.

How Do I know It's Not Fear Holding Me Back?

We’re often unable to trust our intuition because we don’t know how to tell it apart from our fears or irrational beliefs. If we get a bad feeling about something, how do we know it's not just our fears talking? When do we listen and when do we forge ahead?

Here’s a checklist of three things to help you identify your intuition:

• Your intuition is housed in the body – when your intuition is talking to you, your body will react too. You might feel tingling, a feeling in your gut, or a general feeling of good or bad. Your beliefs may cause you to feel similar things, but only after ruminating on them for a while. Intuition begins in the body.

• You intuitive mind is not your cognitive mind – your intuitive mind processes at a much faster rate than the thinking mind. Your insights will come in a flash, not as a sensation that builds up over time. You can’t trace them back to a line of thought or an obvious cue that triggered an internal dialogue.

• Your intuition is not your inner critic – It does not put you down or make you feel ashamed or guilty. It is not a heavy burden. Your intuition is your ally.

Try asking your body how it feels about whatever question is on your mind. Allow it, and not your mind, to answer.

If you learn to listen to your intuition and follow where it takes you, it will lead you to new truths about yourself. It will provide new ways of looking at situations that open up possibility again. It will give you clear, no-nonsense answers about who in your life is good for you, and where your boundaries lie.

Your job is to follow it. You must bring your courage, your trust and your heart. Follow it to discover the life you are meant to be living.