Found an idyllic spot to work (at Comox Lake) the other day. I soaked up the sun while doing something that feels meaningful and important to me. The dock was warm and the mountains were gorgeous.

This is what the other side of stuck looks like.

A few years ago, I was making the difficult decision to leave a well-paying job that I had worked hard to get. It was the type I'd spent years going to school for, and next doing internships, to be able to get.

But I was also struggling with my physical health quite a bit, and that took a huge toll on my emotional health as well. I was burnt out, and barely functioning.

When I left that job, I had almost nothing to go on. I was broke. I wasn't sure when I'd be able to work again, or even what I could do. I knew I couldn't just find another desk job and expect different results.

But what I did have going for me was that I was open. I was so burnt out that I was finally willing to let go of my preconceived notions for how things are supposed to turn out. I couldn't hold together a normal looking life and so I had no option but to drop that pattern. (I had gone through the dip.)

I started by using all of my savings to buy a 1979 Dodge RV, and I moved into it. It bought me time to figure out what I was going to do next. And, I bragged, I was now a homeowner. ;)

I spent the first two months just being, unwinding from chronic stress and exhaustion, meditating, journalling, doing EFT, and surrendering to the universe. Anytime I tried to do something different, I collapsed.

Over time, I slowly recovered my health and also figured out what had caused things to spin out of control in the first place.

I also started down a new path of inquiry - what can I give now? Being completely open to what came next allowed me to get in touch with my purpose.

Soon after, I designed Fully Alive around that purpose - to stand for others' personal freedom and highest potential.

When I designed this business, I wasn't sure how healthy I was going to be to run it. I knew I was on a very short leash. Long commutes would kill me. Sitting immobile for 8 hour stretches were going to shut me down. 8AM starts were unlikely. These weren't luxuries, for me, they were bare necessitates. So I started there.

I wasn't just taking a stand for other people, I was taking a stand for my own health and a balanced life. And that's exactly what I got.

Lying on a dock in the sun is what the other side of a crisis looks like for me. Doing work I love and feeling good about making a living this way is my new "floor." Everything gets built on this foundation.

When my energy came back, I didn't go back to the old way of working. I kept building on the new floor.

Being honest, it wasn't because I was especially brave that I walked away from it all, it was because I had no other choice. Sometimes, it takes a breakdown to have a breakthrough.

If you feel stuck now, or like everything is going to fall apart if you stop what you're doing... consider what the other side can look like.

With love,