What People Are Saying

Testimonials for EFT Coaching

"I have been working with Jessica for roughly 18 months. It has been a fantastic experience. What brought me to Jessica was that I had been working with a career/purpose coach, and I started running into various "limiting beliefs" that were slowing my progress. My coach recommended I work with Jessica to break down those beliefs. I was definitely skeptical when I was first told about Emotional Freedom Techniques. However, I was shocked at how much value I received from my first few sessions with Jessica. I quickly made more progress on breaking down the beliefs than I had made after years of applying other approaches. I additionally started taking actions right away to overcome those beliefs.

There are a few things that have most impressed me about Jessica. The first is how present, engaged, and committed she is during our sessions. We go to work within the first few sentences of our sessions, and Jessica is always ready to jump right in. I have never gotten the sense that she is distracted or thinking about anything other than the current conversation, and I am clear that she is committed to me getting tremendous value out of every session. If she doesn't think we've reached a sufficient conclusion by the end of a session, we will likely work an extra 5-15 minutes to ensure I'm walking away from the session with value. All of this creates an extraordinary "safe space" for me to share anything, knowing that I won't be judged, and knowing that whatever I share is a valid topic to work on.

Secondly, it is clear this work is Jessica's passion. I am impressed by the number of approaches, disciplines, techniques, and theories she is at least familiar with, if not masterful in. And, she is always learning more. I am always amazed at how she seems to know just the right approach and/or conversation to have depending on whatever we're working on, and I never get the feeling she is applying some sort of "cookie-cutter" approach to whatever I'm bringing up. Yes, we typically use some form of EFT in every session, but there many other approaches we regularly mix in.

Lastly, I love that we end many of our sessions with creating actions that I will take before my next session. I have previously experienced multiple therapeutic approaches, and they rarely encouraged specific actions between sessions. The approaches were still valuable, but I find the focus on new actions more beneficial.

Overall, I am clear that my work with Jessica has easily been one of the most valuable experiences I have had. I always feel taken care of, I always feel that I'm getting my money's worth, and I definitely recommend her to anyone looking to cause a positive shift in their quality of life."

B.A., Boston, MA

“I’m a mother of two young children and recently separated from my partner of 18 years. After years of counselling, I knew I needed something different than traditional therapy to help me move forward. With absolutely zero knowledge of EFT I booked my first consult with Jessica, mainly expecting a “life coaching” introduction/session.

After an eye-opening initial consultation (which included a brief introduction to EFT) I left the office feeling lighter than I had in years. Suddenly, the worries that overwhelmed my daily life didn’t seem so heavy anymore.

I have been increasingly impressed, session after session, as Jessica adapts to my changing needs and concerns and tailors each session—basically on the spot—to help me release my fears and anguish. Her wording is eye-opening, her empathy extremely poignant, and her honesty very welcomed. She doesn’t just “counsel”. She opens my mind to the beauty and purpose of life. She brings out the positive energy I need to carry on with an open and clear mind. She has allowed me to love and accept myself after years of self-doubt. And for that, I’m extremely grateful.”

C.B., Comox, BC

"I knew nothing of EFT when a friend recommended Jessica and I thought, as I was at such a low point in my life, that I'd go for the consult and see what it was all about. I think I cried uncontrollably for an hour while spewing out, rapid fire, everything I had kept bottled up for the past year.

Somehow, right from the very first moment with Jessica, I felt her invitation for me to be open, vulnerable, uncertain, messy, confused and basically to be what ever I was at that moment. I have never felt so heard by anyone in my life.

And on hearing me, this is where her incredible skill and knowledge comes in to offer words that speak to my soul. Words that when I hear them, I have a full body experience of acknowledging their validity and truth.

Jessica's scientific knowledge of how the brain works combined with her coaching skills, EFT and her impeccable gift for hearing, understanding and setting the groundwork down for growth is what makes her AMAZING!!!

Thank you Jessica for being you!  I am so grateful for all that you have helped me with."

L.H., Cumberland

“I came to see Jessica because I was stuck, 55 years old and wanting to create change. I didn’t know what I “should” be doing with my life. I was overwhelmed and anxious. After my first session with Jessica and that amazing EFT, I felt a real positive shift in my thinking. With each session I gained some clarity and a new confidence to listen attentively to my heart. Creating change was possible, without fear or anxiety.

Jessica is a gem. She asks great big soul delving questions, listens intently and offers exceptional counsel. We worked hard to get to the roots of my issue. Once those roots were exposed, I was able to understand, acknowledge and move on. That is emotional freedom. Thank you Jessica, for your guidance, wisdom, compassion and humor. I’m moving forward, excited and open to Life’s infinite possibilities!”

– R.W., Cumberland, BC

“I decided to work with Jessica after a friend told me about her. I was going through a hard time, but didn’t want to get into telling stories like I had in counselling. Working with Jessica was different; I didn’t have to tell a long story for her to be able to be totally accurate and say “this is what has been troubling you.” It felt so good to be heard.

It’s truly blown my mind how insightful Jessica has been. I got more out of 3 sessions with her than I did with counsellors.

The tapping was magical! It cut through everything. I got relief from the thoughts going around in my head. There’s more room and it feels incredibly good!

If this testimonial helps anyone who was considering EFT make the move – that would be great! Jessica – thanks so much for everything – you do incredible work!”

– P.H., Comox, B.C.

“I started with an introductory appointment with Jessica, to see if what she had to offer might help me with the anxiety I was feeling, and what I believed must be lingering trauma from my past. I was hoping to gain more clarity, ease, and sense of purpose as I continued to move forward in my life.

I found that Jessica listened wholeheartedly as I spoke, and that she had a keen ability to “pick up on” the core aspects of what I was saying. She offered several methods we could try for addressing my issues. Jessica also offered key (current and relevant) pieces of information, which helped to clarify what was showing up for me.

Jessica always made sure that I was comfortable, both physically, and at the pace we were working at. I benefited from choosing to have 5 sessions with Jessica, though I know that even 1 or 2 was a huge help.

As a result, challenges I was experiencing have cleared up for me. I have gained confidence and am ready to move forward in my life. My anxiety and stress are greatly diminished, and I also feel much more at peace with my past.

I would highly recommend Jessica – she is kind, compassionate, intelligent, and a very gifted practitioner. ”

– H.R., Vancouver Island, B.C.

"I loved working with Jessica! She is so good at what she does. You feel so safe and supported with her and she’s got great energy. I suffered from performance anxiety as a competitive soccer player. We worked through staying calm and using tapping as a way to change my thought process while in the middle of a match. I noticed a difference within a session or 2 and continue to use techniques she has shown me. I strongly recommend Jessica and EFT!"

C.T., Vancouver Island, Canada

“When I was deep within the thick fog of life, absolutely exhausted and confused, I shouted to the universe to provide the right assistance to help illuminate the path I knew I needed. Jessica appeared as that guide and within our first meeting I knew she had the right skills and personal experience to help alleviate the confusion and heaviness I had been experiencing my entire life. Within a few sessions her natural intuitive abilities began to lift that fog and I began to see my direction with an opening clarity.

With Jessica I felt completely accepted and immediately comfortable and did not hesitate to convey my thoughts, feelings and experiences; in particular, the peculiarities of my personal reality. As well, every meeting was brightened with Jessica’s wonderful sense of play and humour.

Jessica is outstanding in her abilities as a coach and I wholeheartedly recommend her services to anyone.

– A.W., Cumberland, B.C.

“Jessica was able to see where I was holding myself back but more importantly, she just knew what I needed to get unstuck. Sometimes it was EFT, sometimes it was speaking some hard truths and sometimes she’d teach me an exercise I could do on my own that made a huge difference.

Each session was completely unique and spot on. She just knew what was in my way and how to help me clear it out and move on to what really matters. Amazing.”

– J.B., Courtenay, B.C.

"Jessica is fantastic at what she does. I didn't know quite what to expect but every session feels like I developed more than I did the previous year by myself. I would recommend to absolutely anyone but it's not for those looking for easy answers, quotes or shortcuts etc. It's full on, in a great way."

N.F., Vancouver Island, Canada

“I went to see Jessica because I was feeling stuck: work was burning me out, I wasn’t finding meaning, yet also wasn’t ready to retire. I looked at where I was in my life: I’d done the home thing, been a parent, had the career… and now what was I supposed to do with the next 30 years? I wanted to know what I was being called to.

Working with Jessica was a turning point in my life. We worked through what was weighing me down with EFT, and explored what was calling me. When I told her about my passion for Sufism, she understood. I had thought this important part of my life was impossible, ridiculous, and didn’t realize it was key to my path. Jessica was able to see this and encourage me to take it seriously and go for it. She was even able to connect me with someone in that community.

Things fell into place very quickly after that and my life made a complete turn down this path, where I now find so much meaning. I’m so glad I followed this path. People have been commenting that I look alive and happier. This has been huge. I’ve got a new direction now. Work no longer burns me out because I have a reason to be there. This feels so good and so right!

Thank you Jessica for being such an important person on my journey.”

– M.P., Merville, BC

I booked in with Jessica to clear some old baggage that was keeping me from moving forward in my career. My goal has been to find my true path, but I didn't know what the best moves were for me. Working with Jessica provided me with support as I figured out the right direction for myself.

It's been a process of trying on new ideas, and dealing with the stress and uncertainty that would come up when I thought about doing something different. Jessica used EFT with me to lower my stress levels and help me get access to my own guidance. She taught me about how stress can hijack the body and mind, and showed me how I've been living in survival mode for most of my adult life, which has lead to feeling stuck in my career. We focused on creating a new direction and new goals that were based on possibility, and not just on getting by. With Jessica's support, I was able to try new career options on and pivot my work in a new direction.

Since working with Jessica, I felt fewer ups and downs and a lot more positive energy. I've realized I was holding onto some old beliefs about success and confidence, and I've learned some new tools to help me change those beliefs. I've gotten more clarity about what does work for me in business and am now steadily shifting things in the direction of my choosing. Things are going really great and I'm making even more changes that I feel truly excited about!

D.A., North Vancouver

"My goal working in with Jessica was to offer my mind, body and Spirit another way to communicate and support one another. To learn how to trust my desires and to reframe my limiting beliefs and building blocks around them. Working with Jessica has helped soothed and support the transitioning lanes of life and she has set me closer on to my path.

The biggest takeaway has been integration. Taking the big emotions and infusing then into a welcoming space, versus wishing them away. [Jessica showed me] an easy everyday tool, that is subtle, easy to use in public and is powerful in direct relation with my own body. I also appreciated the consistency of Jessica’s care. Having someone in my life that is hearing my life with compassion, encouragement and joy.

As a side note, I really appreciated the opportunity to work digitally with Jessica as it allowed my the opportunity to reduce my travel time and to attend our sessions with relaxed effort – often from the joyful comfort of my bed!"

T.G., Courtenay, B.C.

“I’d been suffering for months with serious digestive problems, and was even expecting to have surgery for it. I’d also been spending thousands on naturopaths, counsellors, and holistic health care. I knew there was an emotional issue at the heart of it, so I decided I wanted to try tapping. I went to see Jessica for a free consult after one of her workshops. Amazingly, within minutes of getting home from my session, everything started to work again. And is still working! This is unprecedented for me! It’s the first time in months my digestion has been working like a normal person. I’m so happy!”

– M.Q., Courtenay, BC

“I found Jessica quite by accident, I like to think the universe sent her my way. I wasn’t sure what I needed but I knew I needed someone to talk to, to be heard, understood & provided with some tools to navigate this thing called everyday life.

Our sessions were very flexible, and I found Jessica was able to hear my needs, and provide insight & tools for whatever I brought to the table that day. I always came away with having had at least one “lightbulb” moment, and some food for thought to work through till our next session.

If you know there is more to life, but are just not sure how to find out what that is, or how to find it, Jessica can help you figure it out. She is a kind, wise, empathic listener with wonderful tools to help you on your journey.

Jessica helped me get through some pretty turbulent water, now I am navigating on my own, putting into practice the things I learned about myself and how to move forward.”

– D.S., Fanny Bay, B.C.

“I started seeing Jessica a few months ago when I found family and personal issues were affecting my daily life. Even though I knew what I had to do, I couldn’t find the energy or motivation to start. I would find myself watching Netflix all day and feeling sad and lonely. A friend suggested that I see Jessica and I’m very happy that I did.

Jessica has helped me learn skills that I use everyday to lessen my stress and anxiety. I have started to exercise and take control of my diet. I find my relationships are healthier because I have established boundaries and have learnt to listen in a way that is healthy.

Jessica has a very supportive, soothing manner which puts you immediately at ease and makes her someone I would recommend to anyone looking for positive change in their life.”

D..G., Vancouver Island, B.C.

“Thank you so much for making our distance sessions not only possible but so valuable. They’re deeply relaxing and empowering and come with your unique intuitive gift that makes the real difference. I feel blessed after every session.”

J.B., Wolfville, NS, Canada

Training & Workshop Testimonials

"If you are the type of person that can appreciate a kind-hearted, deeply supportive, trauma informed trainer then Jessica Dorzinsky is just that person.

I had the pleasure of attending workshops where Jessica displayed a thorough understanding of how the mind/body connection processes the challenges we can face in our lifetime. Her caring demeaner and easy-going teaching style makes this material a joy to learn and retain.

I very much appreciated how Jessica was able to weave the information in a clear and concise manner, making discovering the process and science behind EFT pleasurable and transformational.

If you are looking for a way to manage your mental/emotional health in a more balanced approach, I highly recommend Jessica."

- Cindy Bleyenberg-McCrea, Certified EFT Practitioner, Canada

"I've attended a lot of Zoom video classes these last few months. I appreciated the clarity in Jessica's presentations. She was prepared, succinct, used great examples that brought the concepts to life, and humorous! The hours just flew by... Learning was painless, and my notes incredible!"

-Flo Levia, EFT Practitioner, Canada

I walked out of the workshop feeling confident within all my realms of emotions, including those darker or more taboo ones that others may not want to experience having. I appreciated the open communication within the group and the incredible ease and comfort that came along with the responses to questions. I appreciate learning about how flexible EFT can be and how you can form it to fit into your own lifestyle.

The tapping manual is incredibly easy to follow. I really appreciated having something to take home and review, apply, and share with those around me who may not connect with the EFT. I am so thankful I had the opportunity to connect!”

-Workshop Participant, BC, Canada

“A big thank you. This was one of the best workshops I’ve ever taken, in terms of giving me a useful skill to take away. And I’ve attended lots of classes, workshops, etc. And I know it is useful, because in the intervening 2 days I’ve used it, and sense changes in some issues. I will be working on the larger ones as part of my self care. Really. Thank you.”

– EFT Workshop Participant, Canada

“Great workshop. The energy was very positive, light, and comfortable. For someone who struggles with anxiety, I was surprised at how at ease I was in a room full of strangers. I got a great new technique to help calm down.

– EFT Workshop Participant, Canada

“I loved the workshop. I got a sense of companionship looking around and seeing that I’m not the only person who deals with anxiety. Jessica was amazing at making everyone feel at ease. She acknowledged that anxiety is difficult, but gave everyone the sense that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you for offering something like this. ”

– EFT for Anxiety Workshop Participant, Canada

“I liked that it was funny! And I actually like doing EFT in a group. Feels less like “therapy” and more like healthy fun personal but group play. Then later I can take it home and reflect or work more on things. You have a very strong presence and ability to hold a group energy with grace :)”

– EFT Workshop Participant, Canada

“To be honest, a feeling of happiness for no apparent reason was achieved and I feel this has been carrying on for me a few days after the workshop. I had such a deep peaceful sleep that night which was wonderful :)”

– EFT Workshop Participant, Canada

“Participating in Jessica’s workshops has been an opportunity for me not only to receive awesome insights from her, but also to meet and mingle with other like-hearted individuals on a soul quest. Jessica puts forth a systematic, well researched, yet intuitive approach to her themes. She then encourages the group to contribute their own wisdom and insights, which further enriches the topic as we journey together. Jessica’s workshops are an affordable way to dabble into those deeper themes that invite a person to continue inward and onward.”

- J.M., Courtenay, BC

“Working with Jessica has been very inspirational. She has a kind, loving, and intuitive energy for helping to solve issues.”

-D.A., Comox Valley, BC