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Improve your tapping skills and run your sessions with joy and confidence

Feeling stuck with a client?

Unsure what steps to take to build your business?

Unsure of how to handle a situation?

Professional EFT Mentoring and skill development workshops are here to help you move through challenges like these! And we all get faced with these kinds of challenges! 😉

Mentoring and workshops are designed to support you to:

  • develop and refine your EFT skills
  • handle challenging or frustrating cases
  • avoid and respond to ethical dilemmas
  • create effective self-care strategies
  • set up and run your EFT business
  • feel connected with the broader EFT community

EFT International requires 6 hours of annual professional mentoring for all certified EFT Practitioners and Advanced EFT Practitioners in order to maintain your accreditation. My mentoring sessions are approved to meet these requirements.

Skills development workshops will also count toward your 30 hours of annual Continuing Professional Development.

Rather than be a box to tick, I hope to make your mentoring sessions and workshops a joyful, eye-opening experience that will help you have a long and happy career. 😊

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Mentoring & CPD Options

Mentoring & CPD Options

Frequently Asked Questions

We always start with a free 30-minute consult so I can hear about what kind of mentoring you're looking for. During that call, we can create a list of priorities, and book future calls.

Prior to each mentoring call, it's helpful if you send me a list of 2-3 things you want to focus on in that session. This helps us both prepare. Occasionally, I may ask for session notes, but usually this isn't needed.

When we meet, we'll discuss any of the following, according to your needs:

  • cases you're working on that are tricky
  • ethical dilemmas
  • art of delivery and skill refinement
  • reviewing a recorded session
  • business building strategies
  • trauma-informed practice
  • debriefing from heavy or challenging situations/clients
  • personal care & burnout prevention
  • how to maintain, or upgrade, your certification status
  • ...and just about anything else EFT-related! :)

You can request a 30 or 45-minute appointment, and bank the remaining time. If we answer all of your questions early, we can also bank the remaining time.

Most trainers and people who have been in the biz for a while recommend getting regular mentoring beyond the 6 hours required by EFTi, whether individually or as part of a group. A common suggestion is every 4-6 weeks. This will continue your professional development, keep you from feeling isolated, and help you debrief from challenging experiences. All of that helps you have a long and rewarding career! :)

Click here to book a free mentoring consult to find out if this would be a good fit.

Nope, I don't provide tapping during our mentoring calls. If we discover that it's a personal block that's holding you back from becoming a better practitioner, I'll definitely hold space for that truth to arise, and will then suggest that you follow up with some tapping if I think that's appropriate.

I've experienced both kinds of mentoring, and after discussing with other trainers and weighing pros and cons, here's why I chose not to run my mentoring calls as a group/individual tapping session:

  • it blurs the line between you as a client and you as my professional colleague and mentee,
  • it can distract from actually learning important skills or remembering new information when emotions get intense,
  • others in the group can be similarly impacted by the emotional intensity,
  • it can lead to the disclosure of personal information that you may find upsetting for me to know, as your mentor, trainer and colleague.

Instead, my mentoring sessions are more like a training or a workshop in terms of how they're run. In groups, we do a check-in, and each person gets individual time to have their questions answered and receive mentoring on specific cases. In individual sessions, we target the work toward your goals and challenges, with the intention of improving your skills delivery, confidence and knowledge.

For all mentoring sessions, I'm always happy to provide articles, videos, how-to's, and other resources during and after our calls, when the need arises.

And it's of course OK to mention when you find something personally challenging, and discuss/plan your strategy for addressing it. We may do some uplifting tapping toward the end - but of course, this is more to feel good about the work we've done and strengthen our enthusiasm for what we're up to!

Yes, I'm happy to take on anyone for mentoring who has completed their EFT Certification with an EFT International, ACEP or EFT Universe trainer. Other organizations will be considered if their trainings are comparable. I can mentor both regular and Advanced EFT Practitioners.

Please note that my training will only fulfill your mentoring requirements with EFT International, unless special permission is obtained from your organization to recognize my mentoring.

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Group sessions are offered in packages of four 2-hour sessions. There will be between 4-8 people in each group, and when possible, I put people with similar experience levels in the same groups. You'll be with the same people for each four-session package. If you really gel with your group and want to continue meeting, we'll arrange follow up calls.

The group members and myself will be connected between calls through a private online discussion group. You can use it to ask questions, share a win between sessions, or just chat with your fellow group members!

Before each session, I'll ask for you to share 2-3 areas you want to focus on. This allows me to prepare some material for the group, such as handouts, videos, exercises or articles.

We start with a group check in and intention-setting. Then each person gets time to share a win, a challenge and their questions. I provide personal mentoring on these questions. Each person chooses a small, achievable, and motivating goal to work toward in the coming week.

Depending on the themes that have emerged in the session, the remaining time will be spent diving deeper on those themes to help build your professional expertise. We may discuss case studies, run some mini practice sessions in breakout rooms where I can observe and provide feedback, watch a video together, do a training exercise, have a group discussion, and so on.

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Check out the upcoming groups to sign up.

Yes - if you already have a group of 4 to 8 colleagues that you'd like to mentor with, then please get in touch and we can set up a series of mentoring calls together.

Please note that all participants must be certified with either EFT International, EFT Universe or ACEP, or a comparable organization so that I can be sure you've been given a solid foundation in EFT skills.

Click here to book a free consult call to discuss setting up your group. 

I don't offer one-day mentoring sessions as I don't think these benefit you as a practitioner the way that spreading out the sessions does. The reason is that you need some time to work with the information you got, adjust your approach, and see how it goes. Sometimes, we need to do this a couple of times before a challenge is solved.

Also, different challenges will arise with different clients, and doing all the mentoring on one day only will be a game of chance as to whether all of the issues that need addressing are worked on.

Unfortunately, some practitioners see mentoring as a box to tick in order to maintain their accreditation with EFTi. If this is you, I hope I can change your mind around that by offering you a really valuable and fun experience that you'll want to repeat often.

I encourage all practitioners to see mentoring as an opportunity to have more joy and freedom at work, and to grow your pride in yourself for your contribution to our world.

Sometimes it can be helpful to request that I review one of your sessions and yes, I'm happy to do so.

You would record one of your sessions (with your client's permission) and send it to me at least 1 week prior to our meeting. I will charge half time to review your session - so if you did a 1 hour session, it would count as 30 minutes of your mentoring package used. Then we meet to discuss the session, and I'll provide feedback and suggestions for you.

Please note I only do this on individual mentoring calls.

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Testimonials for Jessica's EFT Tapping Training

Jessica Dorzinsky, EFT Tapping Trainer and Coach

"I feel very fortunate that Jessica was one of the lead instructors for my level 1 and 2 certification in EFT. Jessica is clear and sincere, patient and exact, and warm and fun in just the right proportions. And she definitely knows her EFT—in theory, in practice, and as a lived experience! One of the things I really appreciate about Jessica is that she understands that the personal healing journey doesn’t unfold in a bubble. She gets that a person's emotional freedom is always located in a larger social, cultural, and economic context, and she is not scared to take on the big issues that may arise. My training with Jessica was safe and welcoming with just the right balance between comfort and challenge—in short, Jessica is a wonderful teacher and guide in the fundamentals of EFT. I learned a ton!"

- BGC, Canada

“A big thank you. This was one of the best workshops I’ve ever taken, in terms of giving me a useful skill to take away. And I’ve attended lots of classes, workshops, etc. And I know it is useful, because in the intervening 2 days I’ve used it [EFT Tapping], and sense changes in some issues. I will be working on the larger ones as part of my self care. Really. Thank you.”

- EFT Workshop Participant, Canada

"If you are the type of person that can appreciate a kind-hearted, deeply supportive, trauma informed trainer then Jessica Dorzinsky is just that person.

Her caring demeaner and easy-going teaching style makes this material a joy to learn and retain.

I very much appreciated how Jessica was able to weave the information in a clear and concise manner, making discovering the process and science behind EFT pleasurable and transformational."

- Cindy Bleyenberg-McCrea, Certified EFT Practitioner, Canada

About Your Mentor

Jessica Dorzinsky, Certified and Accredited EFT Trainer

Jessica Dorzinsky

Certified EFT Trainer (NQT)

Jessica Dorzinsky is known for her clarity in teaching, sense of humour, and commitment to those she works with. She is accredited by EFT International, the world’s leading EFT professional association.

Jessica has been offering EFT sessions and workshops full time for about 6 years. She has recently been certified as an EFT trainer and mentor, following 1.5 years of training and mentoring with professional trainers.

Her series of tapping workshops on Vancouver Island have regularly sold out, and she has at times had a 3 months wait list for her private practice with EFT clients. Jessica has trained with a number of professional trainers in the EFT field, and has taken additional courses to expand her knowledge. She is proud to offer an integrated approach to EFT that’s based on the most up-to-date knowledge in the field.

In her private work with clients, she primarily help sensitives (HSPs), empaths, gifted adults and others with a complex inner world. She has worked alongside counsellors and wellness professionals at 3 clinics. Jessica currently works online.