We seem to be the only species that consciously ignores our stress response in order to stay in a situation that hurts us. We've forgotten how to use our emotional guidance system! What if we honed in on what it was telling us?

Gabor Mate writes: "The fight-or-flight alarm reaction exists today for the same purpose evolution originally assigned it: to enable us to survive. What has happened is that we have lost touch with the gut feelings designed to be our warning system. The body mounts a stress response, but the mind is unaware of the threat. We keep ourselves in physiologically stressful situations, with only a dim awareness of distress or no awareness at all. ...The higher the level of economic development, it seems, the more anaesthetized we have become to our emotional realities. We no longer sense what is happening in our bodies and cannot therefore act in self-preserving ways." (from his book "When the Body Says No.")

When we first take that step to allow ourselves to experience what's in the body, we've already started that process of self-liberation.

Then we can see and name what's happening.

Naming our emotions and beliefs puts language to them. Now we can actually work with them from the conscious mind, which uses language. These beliefs that trigger the stress are no longer driving our life from behind the scenes.

Because we created all of our beliefs, we get to choose - does this belief belong here in the tapestry of my life? Is this creating greater freedom and joy for me, or is it keeping me trapped in a world of "should" or "can't?

What could I choose instead that creates space for possibility within myself and others around me?

Consider, what if being stressed out was the door to an incredible life? Could this be place you launch from?