“Is this it?”

“Am I really going to live like this forever?”

“I thought there was more?”

How often do you hear this little voice?
What if I told you that this was the voice of your soul?

Your soul is that energy that shines through you when you’re engaged in something that delights you and captures your heart. It is your ultimate personal truth. It is the most unique and authentic thing about you.

The soul is also this little voice. It’s there to remind us whenever we haven't come alive, when we've let ourselves fall into a life that doesn't sustain our universal human needs.

Connection. Meaning. Love. The meaning in our struggles lives in the soul.

The soul provides a blueprint that lays out the journey of our lives. It guides us to realize that our particular struggles are part of a larger narrative that leads to the center of who we are, and the treasure buried there.

The little voice of the soul is trying to convince you that there is better out there.

But you might be afraid to believe that’s true. Maybe you look at all the changes that would have to take place if you were to really follow what that voice was telling you, and it seems impossible or too much to handle.

And so we allow the time to continue passing…

But the soul has the last word. We must go to the soul in order to create meaning and authenticity in our life. Without meaning or authenticity, no matter how much money, comfort or novelty there is, we will always hear the little voice saying, “is this it?”

The real adventure begins when we decide we’ve had enough and we’ve got nothing to lose but to find out what that little voice is all about. The only way to know is to go inward to the core of who we are for the answers. What we get from that journey is the key to happiness for the rest of our lives.

What if you could undertake this journey of soul-recovery without being overwhelmed? What if you really could satisfy your deepest longings?

Imagine: no more settling. No more enduring.

What if you knew that you were going to be alright? Imagine you could do this because there is better out there, and it's been waiting for you all your life. Imagine living free from the constant tangle of worry, frustration, guilt, or aloneness. Instead, being full of purpose, joy and peace. What if you really could have that life?


There is more out there.


This is the greatest journey we will ever undertake: to liberate ourselves from being victims of our circumstances to creators of the life of our dreams.