September is a lot like January for many of us - starting new activities or routines and making resolutions for the next season. A lot of EFT Tapping & coaching clients of mine start around this time, so I wanted to share something to help you get the most out of starting a coaching, tapping, (or other personal development) program.

It's important to recognize what we're actually up to when we're tapping on issues or engaging with a coach - we're thinking! We're taking stock of where we are in life, setting goals for where we want to be in the future, and changing old patterns. And we're sometimes feeling a lot of emotions while we do it. We're doing some pretty serious brain work!

But we're committed, so here we are, making progress, releasing old beliefs, and consciously choosing the life we want to lead. That's going to have to translate to a conscious choice to change our behaviour, even if the EFT Tapping has cleared away the blocks to doing so. In order to make those new habits stick, and let go of the old patterns, we need to be making new neural connections in the brain. This process of making new neurons is called neurogenesis, and the process of creating new synapses (connections) is called synaptogensis.

We're basically growing a new brain here. Since we're already focusing on thoughts and emotions during our coaching sessions and our daily tapping routine, we want to make sure we haven't forgotten about the body!

The better you're able to grow new neurons and connections, the easier you'll find it is to focus, learn, and feel creative. But even more interestingly, the more our brains can do this, the less depressed, stressed, or anxious we feel!

That bears repeating - the better your brain is at growing and changing - the better you feel.

Why is that? Our brains use something called "brain-derived neurotrophic factor" - or BDNF for short - in order to stimulate brain growth. It's like fertilizer for your brain.

Scientists have been able to measure that people who have higher levels of BDNF have better memory, ability to learn, and lower rates of depression and stress.

So how do we get more BDNF and all the brain-growing benefits it provides? The best way is through aerobic exercise.

Consistent aerobic exercise will boost your BDNF, and have you feeling clearer, happier and able to learn new skills and habits with more ease. And do we really need another article talking about the wonderful benefits of exercise for your mood. No we do not. Nope. Not going to say it. ;)

Anyway, I strongly recommend for people who are serious about getting the most out of their EFT coaching sessions to begin adding exercise to their week.

Here's the great part: in my experience, you don't have to do a tonne. You don't have to buy a gym membership, or push yourself super hard on a gruelling run. Particularly if you're emotionally or physically burnt out, or have intense anxiety, you don't want to be pushing so hard your body think's you're running from a wild animal.

You can move in a comfortable way that has you breathing deeply, and still be in your aerobic zone. Heart pumping happily.. not pounding super hard! it's totally acceptable to put on your favourite playlist and just dance around your living room for 15 or 20 minutes every other day.

Especially if you're just starting exercise, I recommend finding what feels good to do. Feel what your body likes: play with moving fast and slow, big movements or small ones, upper body or lower body. Do you like swinging your arms around? Does it feel good to stretch out legs by doing some squatting-lunging-thing? Is it a real exercise? Who cares! Do the thing.

This is the best way to get addicted to exercise. :)

The most ideal time to work out for your brain would be in the morning. When you flood your brain with BDNF in the morning, you have all day to put it to use to change the structure (patterns) of your brain, including during your EFT coaching session.

You'll find your mood is better, more stable, and it's easier to come to more positive and helpful conclusions during your session. You may notice less resistance to new ways of being the week after your session.

- Jessica

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