Level 1-2 Training

Financial Support

I'm honoured that you're considering training with me.

Let's look at the options to make the financial investment more manageable.


I run this program on the honour system - please self-assess according to the criteria below and proceed with the option that best fits your situation.

There are two options to support you:

  1. A pay-what-you-can position, where you will choose the amount you can afford to pay. This may be anything between $0 (full scholarship) to a discount on the course fees.
  2. A payment plan, where you'll pay the regular price, but over a longer period of time (instalments) so that it is affordable.

  1. Pay What You Can

Pay-what-you-can places go to a limited number of students who are facing significant financial difficulties.

Because there are limited spaces, full scholarship spaces ($0 payment) should only go a student who cannot meet their needs and pay any amount toward the course.

A need is something like rent/mortgage, food, medical/mental health care, childcare, essential utility bills, and clothing.

Whereas, a want is of course something that you can survive without, although you may still not be considered well off. Wants would be things like a weekend away, taking up a hobby, meals out, new clothing, or new electronics.

Ask yourself: Would paying in full for this training, even over time, prevent me from having enough money to meet my needs?

If yes, then see the instructions below for a pay-what-you-can spot.

Grey Area?

If paying for this training would cause you to sacrifice some important wants that may be grey-area - things that would have you invest in yourself but may not be critical to survive per se, then consider paying a somewhat reduced amount, or choosing option 2 - the Payment Plan. Use your gut to decide between the two options.

2. Payment Plan

This is the second option. If cash flow is tight at the moment, and you can't afford the price of the course up front, then please email me about a payment plan.

This would be ideal for someone who's important life goals will be impacted by paying up front for the program, but who isn't in the same level of financial need as the situation above.

Typically, I'll ask for a deposit to sign up (usually around $50), and then we'll work out a series of 2-3 payments that split things up either over the course of the training or slightly longer. You would generally have 2-3 months to pay the full amount, and no fees or interest will be charged.

Use you gut to tell you which is the right option for you.

Payment Plan

If you'd like some more breathing room to pay for the training, please contact me to work out a schedule using the form below.

Pay-What You-Can

Please use this link to send your payment.

Next, click "Send."

You'll be directed to a screen where you can fill in the affordable payment you can make toward the training.

You can choose any amount that is affordable to you.

If you need a full scholarship to the program because you would not be able to meet your needs and pay a reduced amount for the training, please type your name and check the box below.