Three sessions (4.5 hours) of private EFT Coaching that you have six weeks to use. This is a great place to start if you're looking to try EFT Coaching for the first time. Working with a professional can help you jump start change and uncover your potential.

We'll use EFT Coaching to help you release the blocks standing in the way of more freedom and joy. We focus on improving your quality of life in the here and now, getting noticeable shifts in every session. Expect new perspectives to emerge and a greater sense of lightness in your life.


$675 CAD plus tax

It works out to about $150 per hour in session and can be spread out over the 6 weeks we'll spend working together.

This package requires the least commitment, and is a popular first choice for people new to EFT or coaching.

In comparison, the Alberta recommended rate for a 50-minute counselling appointment is $200. (This package would cost $1,080.)

Although I can't guarantee any specific outcome, most of my clients report getting further, faster after working together than they have with other types of coaching or counselling.