Ten private sessions (15 hours) of private EFT Coaching that you have 6 months to use.

This package is for you if you're ready to shed an old skin and step into living life as the person you know you truly are. Or maybe you're a self-help junkie 😉  and your personal and spiritual evolution are central to what you want to accomplish in this life.

Either way, you recognize this work needs your attention so that you can create full, permanent change.

You may be wanting to change a pattern that has been keeping you from being who you know you are. Or perhaps you want to tackle a core belief that's been underneath the issues appearing in your life, replacing it with something positive, life-affirming and true to you.

You will be held in a safe container within which you can explore your potential, release the old and redirect your life in a meaningful direction. You will learn things about yourself that bring possibility and inspiration to your future direction. You'll also be given new self-help tools within a trauma-informed framework that will forever give you access to the “operating system” in your body/mind.

This investment has the ability to alter the course of your life if you're ready to challenging yourself to think, act and feel differently.


$1,950 CAD + tax

This works out to about $130 per hour in session and can be spread out over the 6 months we have working together.

In comparison, the recommended fee for counselling in Alberta is $200 for 50 minutes. (This package would cost $3,600.)

Although I can't guarantee any specific outcome, most of my clients report getting further, faster after working together than they have with other types of coaching or counselling.