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Emotional Freedom Techniques – also called EFT or tapping – is a powerful self-help tool for releasing worry, stress and other negative emotions. You can apply EFT to areas of your life that feel stuck or painful, and notice an immediate shift in your wellbeing.

In EFT, we apply gentle pressure to acupuncture points on the upper body. Research shows that tapping sends a calming signal directly to the emotional centre of the brain, and can affect old learning and emotional memory in positive ways.

Over 100 clinical studies (including a number of meta-analyses) show that EFT is highly effective and works rapidly. In addition, there are thousands of client testimonials from all over the world showing that EFT does indeed make us feel calm, and often creates permanent shifts in our wellbeing.

The best part is that you can easily learn to begin tapping for yourself.

We will cover:

  • The basic tapping points
  • Why stress lives in your body, not your thoughts (and how EFT works with both)
  • Basic safety with tapping (from a trauma-sensitive perspective)
  • Five ways to tap right now, without needing to get the words right
  • What are tapping scripts and why you would or wouldn’t use them
  • When and where to use EFT in your life
  • How to tap discretely, i.e. in public
  • How to combine EFT with your existing wellness routine
  • An Intro to Conscious EFT and Gold Standard EFT
  • When to hire a practitioner
  • How and where to take your skills to the next level

This hands-on workshop will be facilitated by Jessica Dorzinsky, Certified Advanced EFT Practitioner and Master Trainer Candidate. https://www.fullyalive.ca/

It’s being offered online to accommodate different schedules and participant locations.

**A recording will be available to everyone who registers, whether or not you can actually attend the live webinar.**

Spaces are limited, register today to avoid disappointment!

How to Prepare
This is a hands-on workshop – be prepared to tap on some of your day-to-day stressors to learn the technique.

You'll want to have a pen and paper handy to take notes, as well as two hours to give your full attention to learning the technique.

Please note, for participant safety, that you should not use this workshop to process intense emotional issues or past trauma. If you are in crisis right now, it’s recommended that you contact a practitioner to get one-to-one support instead.

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