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Thanks for your interest in registering for this online EFT Training!

I'm honoured that you're considering training with me.

In order for you to get the most out of this training, let's take a moment to make sure that this experience is the right fit for you!

Please take the next few moments to check if you meet the four course requirements:

1. Do you have the time and energy to fully participate in this entire course?

Your attendance for a minimum of 7 out of 8 classes is mandatory in order to give you a certificate of participation for the combined Levels 1 & 2 training. Students are also expected to fully participate in all aspects our class, including in practice sessions and online discussions. (You do not have to volunteer to be a demo client in front of the class.)

There is a pre-course module to complete online before our first class, that you'll need to budget around 3 hours for. We'll also have some videos - such as full session demos, and occasionally other content to watch between classes. This usually won't be more than 1 hour per week, and will allow us to spend much more time practicing in class, as opposed to sitting and listening.

We keep group numbers on the low end in order to provide a better experience to students, so will be missed if you don't participate! 

2. Do you have a private space to work from with access to a laptop or computer and strong internet connection?

For the confidentiality of all participants, we ask that you have a private, quiet space to work from. You may be tapping with a partner on a sensitive topic, and it would be awkward if your family member was strolling around the background! 😬 🤭

In order to see everyone clearly and have a positive online experience, we also ask that you use a larger screen - a laptop or computer for instance. Phones and tablets aren't appropriate for this professional training as they don't show the class plus slides, nor your client's face and body language on a large enough screen. Your image will also be about 1/3 the size of the others in the class. You will be asked to connect from a different device if using a phone or tablet.

We'll also be asking participants to keep their video on whenever practical so that we can interact with each other as in a real classroom.

3. Are you experiencing intense stress / trauma / feel like you're on an emotional rollercoaster?

We'll be learning about emotions and trauma in a head-on way  - and it's common for that to bring up some intensity during the training that you might not be aware of. If you have significant unresolved trauma, or haven't explored your past and processed your emotions around it, this training could be destabilizing to you. Although we will not tap on traumatic events in the course, our work will easily bring you into contact with your emotional landscape. At the same time, it will demand a level of emotional stability and maturity to be able to hold space for others.

We take a lot of precautions to minimize the risk of emotional flooding in participants, and your emotional safety is our highest priority. And sometimes, it's just not the right time in life to take on another challenge or goal. Please consider whether hands-on work with emotions (yours and others') is safe for you at this time. Some signs that this would not be an appropriate step to take are:

  • You feel like you're on an emotional rollercoaster, crying frequently, or feeling extremely helpless
  • You often can't feel anything at all
  • You're having trouble going to work, caring for your children or yourself, or maintaining relationships
  • You can't think of earlier parts of your life without experiencing very powerful negative emotions or completely shutting down

Sometimes, it's more appropriate to invest in working with an EFT practitioner (or other support) for self-care rather before joining a professional training. It's normal to need to spend some time doing your own work with a practitioner before getting trained, and will ultimately make you a much better practitioner. If you're unsure, we can chat to help you come to the best decision for your wellbeing. You can book a free training consult here.

4. Are you taking this course to learn EFT or to work on your issues?

Level 1-2 EFT Professional Training is not a wellness retreat, or a personal development workshop (although most attendees do reap similar benefits from learning EFT!). The course is designed as a training. 

Our focus will be on acquiring new knowledge, learning new skills, and practicing them. We will not be tapping on any significant issues or traumas for the safety of the participants. Most of the time, you'll be tapping with an inexperienced partner under limited time. It's not practical to expect to clear your issues during a training.

That said, once you know how to tap, you can definitely use it to your heart's content to clear your issues and expand the possibilities in your life. :)

It's OK if you're not planning on changing careers to become a practitioner, or you're really not sure how EFT will fit in your life. I'm happy to train anyone who wants to learn the technique. However, please only sign up if your primary intention is to gain mastery in Emotional Freedom Techniques.

5. Are you comfortable enough in English to catch subtleties, nuances and hidden meanings in someone's speech?

EFT is a wonderful tool no matter what language it's delivered in. That said, it's a very language-intensive technique. Our work depends on catching subtle hints within the client's language. We must also be able to repeat our clients' words verbatim. Having struggles with proper grammer or catching nuances in English can make it extremely difficult to run a session and maintain rapport with your client. Your clients must also be able to understand you, so that the focus is on their needs rather than trying to adjust to or accomodate you. Therefore, I do not recommend this training if you're not fluently bilingual in English.

Please self-assess as to whether your skills in English are advanced enough to learn to tap. If you're unsure, you can always book a consult to chat about it. If you don't think your English level will be high enough for this course, I hope you won't despair because there are many trainings happening around the world in a variety of languages. It is very possible that you can get trained and even certified in your language!

I hope that regardless of what languages you speak, you will continue your EFT journey and help us to bring this wonderful technique to every country in the world. 🌟

Thanks for checking in with yourself!

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