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EFT & Personal Development
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Free EFT Class - Tapping for COVID Stress

January 11th, 2021|

In this free class, I'll lead you through tapping rounds to target your physical feelings of stress, worries about your kids, work, vaccines, and other changes you've had to make to adapt to the pandemic. We finish with a positive, uplifting round of tapping and an exercise you can do to lock in the feelings of [...]

Does EFT tapping really work? Is it evidence-based?

November 4th, 2020|

Most people who hear about EFT have a hard time rolling with the idea that it's a reputable self-help technique. There's no shortage of articles poking fun at EFT Tapping or its adherents, suggesting they wouldn't know a scientific study if it landed in their lap. EFT tapping has been a challenging technique to promote to the mainstream because, frankly, it looks funny. And come on, who's supposed to believe that tapping on your face is going to change all sorts of things about your life?

The (MS Paint) guide to self-help when tapping isn't working

May 20th, 2020|

This is a guide to how I approach personal change as an EFT Tapping Coach. From working with hundreds of clients, this is what I think is the number one most important thing to focus on when doing our personal development work.

So youโ€™ve been committed to making a positive life change. Youโ€™ve read some [...]

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