Registration for Combined Level 1-2 EFT Training - Feb 2021

    I’m thrilled that you’re interested in learning EFT together! I’m giving you this Agreement to set out the nature of our work together. It lays out our course dates and times, and explains what to expect with EFT and in our training.

    Please read through the Agreement and ask me any questions you have. You can reach me by email, or book a free training consult to discuss any questions or concerns prior to signing this agreement.

    Training Agreement

    Combined Level 1-2 Training - February - April 2021

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    Course Dates and Attendance

    This Combined Level 1 & 2 training will run on eight consecutive Saturdays from 9:30AM to 1:30PM Mountain Time. Our class dates are:

    February 13,
    February 20,
    February 27,
    March 6,
    March 13,
    March 20,
    March 27, and
    April 3.

    Your attendance at a minimum of 21 hours of live class time is mandatory in order to give you a certificate of completion at the end of the course.

    Course Fees

    The tuition for this course is $750 CAD.
    The repeater rate is $299 CAD.


    Your participation in our small group learning environment is so valuable! However, if unforeseen circumstances arise and you can’t attend the course, please inform me right away. If you need to withdraw from the course and it’s two weeks or more away, you’ll be refunded your tuition minus a $50 administrative fee.

    If you need to withdraw from the course within two weeks of its start time, or after it’s already begun, please contact me personally to discuss options.

    If I need to cancel the course for any reason (including illness or insufficient number of students), you’ll be offered a full refund of your tuition.

    Online Course Logistics

    For the confidentiality of all participants, please ensure that you have a private room from which to join our classes.

    In order to join the calls, you’ll need a computer or laptop with a high-speed internet connection. Joining from a phone or tablet would not be appropriate for this professional training. As this is a highly participatory class, please keep your video on when practical during the call.

    You’ll receive the link to the class in a separate email prior to the course.

    The teaching, demo, and Q&A portions of the class will be recorded, but the practice sessions will not for the privacy of students. The recordings are for your personal use only and are not to be distributed to anyone outside of the course.

    Informed Consent

    By participating in an EFT Training and using EFT, you may experience a range of emotions and experiences that could affect your wellbeing both positively and negatively.


    Emotional Freedom Techniques, or EFT, is a tool used for the relief of physical, emotional and mental discomforts, and also for creating dramatic improvements in peak performance issues. Although the use of EFT is producing excellent results and has gained a solid reputation based on scientific studies and research, the actual mechanism of how it works is not fully known at this time. Since it has not yet been fully adopted by conventional Western academic, medical and psychological communities, it may be considered experimental in nature. It is a relatively new approach and the extent of its effectiveness and its risks and benefits are also not fully known.


    Gentle tapping stimulation of acupressure points located on the surface of the face and body is paired with mental activation of disturbing content or desired outcomes. This can shift the brain’s electrochemistry to:

    • help overcome anxiousness, fear, guilt, shame, jealousy, or anger
    • change unwanted habits and behaviours
    • replace negative thoughts with life enhancing ones
    • relieve the emotional contributors to physical pain
    • enhance the ability to love, succeed, and enjoy life.

    Tapping gently on specific meridian points on the face and body for physical and emotional issues are intended to complement, not replace, medical or psychological care.


    The following changes may also be observed following the use of EFT Tapping in a private session or in a training course:

    • The intensity of previously vivid or traumatic memories may diminish. This could adversely impact your ability to provide legal testimony. It could also affect your eligibility for disability or injury-related benefits as you may no longer meet the diagnostic criteria for a particular illness or disease;
    • Reactions may surface during sessions that are unanticipated, including strong emotions or physical sensations or additional unresolved memories, which may be interpreted as a negative reaction;
    • Emotional material and memories may continue to surface after a session, and give indication of other incidents that may need to be addressed.

    You understand that even as the effectiveness of these methods is scientifically established, results will vary from person to person.


    Jessica trains EFT in accordance with EFT International standards. You can find them here:

    Jessica also commits to operating in accordance with the EFT International Code of Conduct and Ethics. You can find that here:

    If at any time you have concerns about the training or these standards, you are encouraged to contact Jessica Dorzinsky to discuss your concern.


    During the training course, students will have the opportunity to observe the trainer, other EFT professionals, and/or the trainer’s assistants demonstrate various EFT techniques. Demonstrations will be live and occasionally pre-recorded.

    As a participant, you may have the opportunity to take part in a live demonstration as a "client" to work on a troubling issue or memory if you choose. This is not a requirement of attending the course.
    During a demo, you are advised against working on overwhelming issues, early memories or trauma as there will not be sufficient time allotted to handle complex issues. The purpose of the demonstration is to provide education on the application of EFT, not therapy.

    As a participant, you will be required to practice EFT with other students throughout the course. Approximately 1/3rd of the course will be devoted to practice sessions. Students are not expected to be adept at using EFT and will be supported and mentored by the trainer and/or her emotional assistant(s) to acquire the necessary skill.

    As such, participants should be prepared to work with another student on small issues (such as an annoyance rather than a core issue). These may or may not be satisfactorily resolved due to the limited competency of the students and limited time available in the course. The purpose of the course is educational, not therapeutic.


    EFT can go to emotionally deep places much faster than other techniques, sometimes to the surprise of both “client” and “practitioner” students. Memories that have been in the subconscious and powerful emotions from earlier traumas can surface even when tapping on a seemingly unrelated issue. When this happens, it's possible for the "client" to experience an abreaction or excessive emotional intensity. If such an issue arises during the course, the trainer and/or her emotional assistants will use EFT to help you ground in the moment. You may request help at any time during the live training from Jessica Dorzinsky and/or her emotional assistant(s).

    Excessive emotional intensity is more likely to occur when you are tapping on a deep or complex issue without appropriate skill or precaution. Additionally, if you are not in touch with your past and the impact it's had on you, it is more likely that these issues will come to the surface as you begin to explore your emotions with EFT. It can also be more likely to occur if you’re experiencing high levels of stress or emotionality in your life, such as from burnout, loss of your livelihood, mental illness, loss of a loved one, or a difficult life transition.

    You are advised to not take this course if you are experiencing any of the above situations or feel that your emotions are too overwhelming to manage throughout the course. Additionally, this course is not recommended if you have a history of repeated/ongoing trauma that has not yet been processed and continues to impact areas of your life such as relationships and employment.

    It may be better to work one on one with a practitioner before attending a training.

    If you are concerned about whether this may apply to you, please contact Jessica Dorzinsky to discuss your situation personally instead of completing your course registration. There is no judgement about where you're at right now. If you decide not to take this course for that reason, or it's determined that this course would not be appropriate for you, you will be offered a full refund of your tuition (in advance) or a pro-rated refund if part way through the training.

    Waiver & Release of Liability

    By agreeing to participate you accept the following:

    You understand and acknowledge that your participation in this training is voluntary. Although Jessica Dorzinsky and her assistants will take all reasonable steps to support your comfort and enjoyment of the course, you understand that this training may involve your emotions in a manner that might subject you to emotional distress. You agree to accept such risks and assume the responsibility for emotional distress and /or other effects (physical, mental, spiritual, or others) that may arise from your own interpretation of the process.

    In attending any activity facilitated by Jessica Dorzinsky or put on by Fully Alive EFT & Coaching, you agree to assume total responsibility for your own safety and well-being.

    You release from all liability and hold harmless Jessica Dorzinsky and her agents, including, but not limited to, emotional assistants, facilitators, independent contractors, and volunteers, from any and all legal responsibility for any injury, illness, accident, loss, or other misfortune that may occur in connection with my participation in, or attendance at, trainings, workshops, activities, events, or visits, facilitated by Jessica Dorzinsky.

    You further understand that you are releasing and relinquishing legal rights that you might otherwise hold. You intend this waiver and release to apply to yourself and to anyone who may have the right to make a claim on your behalf. This waiver and release is part of the consideration you give in order to participate in any event/workshop/training put on by Jessica Dorzinsky.

    As a training participant, you understand that completion of this present workshop is for your individual benefit only. You may share my learnings with my personal and professional community, however you may not reproduce Jessica Dorzinsky’s material without her written consent.


    By signing below, you are indicating that you have read, understand and agree to the terms of this Agreement.

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