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One-to-One Sessions

I'm honoured that you're considering working with me!

Let's take a moment to make sure that this experience is the right fit for both of us!

Do you know what you want to accomplish together?

Being clear helps us know exactly what to work on - what's most important to you. It helps us know exactly where you're going, evaluate if we're being successful, and make adjustments as needed.

Maybe it's to have more confidence speaking up at work, to communicate better with your partner, to work through a traumatic memory to remove the triggers.

No goal is too small. But some are too big or too vague, like "to feel better." Before you book, take a moment to think, what is it that I really want?

If it's hard to pin down, you can start with what you don't want. Then ask yourself, what would be the opposite of that? For example, if you don't like going to work because it's stressful, the opposite of that might be going to a different job that you love, or reducing the amount of work that gets put on your shoulders in your current position.

It may not feel possible to have what you want yet. That's OK, as long as you're willing to work toward a solution.

Are you looking for coaching or counselling?

As both fields evolve, the distinction can be muddy. I offer EFT within the capacity of a coach, but not a clinical counsellor.

Coaching is more outcome-based than therapy. That means we focus more on working toward a specific goal - something you want to do, have or be. On the other hand, therapy is more focused on your inner world and exploring how the past has shaped the present.

Coaching is also more short term, while therapy can take place over a number of years. My goal is for my clients to be able to make changes in their lives, independent of me.

We'd be a good fit if you're looking to:

  • change habits or behaviours
  • enhance your performance (at work, in sport, at a hobby, etc.)
  • replace unwanted beliefs with life-enhancing ones
  • work on a traumatic memory in order to remove the triggers
  • achieve a specific goal or outcome
  • increase your ability to create positive solutions
  • increase your knowledge of your strengths and weaknesses
  • improve your quality of life in the here-and-now

Both coaching, EFT and counselling can all help overcome anxiousness, guilt, fear and shame. EFT Coaching is a great fit when you've got the emotional resiliency to handle being challenged and embrace change.

Counselling is more appropriate when:

  • you're finding it difficult to function because it feels like you're on an emotional rollercoaster
  • you're in a mental health crisis
  • you want to analyze and explore the past for answers (more than focussing on the present and future)
  • you can't imagine a positive outcome or goal to work toward
  • thinking positively triggers panic, or intense emotions
  • you don't feel able to take full responsibility for your wellbeing because things are beyond what you can manage

Are you ready to tap into your true self?

EFT Coaching has the ability to unlock your personal potential. My goal is to support you to be who you really are at every level.

I'm not here to teach, advise or lead. As a coach, I help you access your intuition and find the right choices that are based on your own values.

I am happy to share helpful, general information about how to create better habits, how to soothe your nervous system, or what trauma is. But it's always 100% up to you to implement the information in your life in a way that you choose and control. I'm not here to tell you what you need, or to fix you. You're not broken, and I'm not in charge! :)

Thanks for checking in with yourself!

If it feels like a fit, go ahead and book in below!