Combined L1 & L2 EFT Training

2021-02-05T15:11:12-08:00December 27th, 2020|

Level 1 & 2 are the foundational courses where your EFT journey begins. Learning to tap will give you and your clients new ways to achieve peak performance, soothe the body’s stress response, increase self-knowledge, work with trauma, and dismantle limiting beliefs. With tapping, we can quickly achieve things that have been considered impossible by conventional standards – such as releasing fears, phobias and anxiety, clearing the charge of traumatic events, and rapidly producing life-altering shifts in how we view ourselves and the world.

Does EFT tapping really work? Is it evidence-based?

2021-03-04T15:58:33-08:00November 4th, 2020|

Most people who hear about EFT have a hard time rolling with the idea that it's a reputable self-help technique. There's no shortage of articles poking fun at EFT Tapping or its adherents, suggesting they wouldn't know a scientific study if it landed in their lap. EFT tapping has been a challenging technique to promote to the mainstream because, frankly, it looks funny. And come on, who's supposed to believe that tapping on your face is going to change all sorts of things about your life?

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