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“Action is the antidote to despair.” – Joan Baez


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Step 1: Phone 778 992 0930 or email to book your free consult. It’s as simple as saying, “I’d like to book a free consult with you!”

Step 2: I’ll respond within 1 business day with my next available times.

Step 3:Pick your preferred date and time and make a $40 deposit to hold your appointment. When we meet, you get 100% of your deposit back. The deposit tells me you’re serious about booking this consult, but is by no means locking you into future appointments.
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“Within our first meeting I knew Jessica had the right skills and personal experience to help alleviate the confusion and heaviness I had been experiencing my entire life. Within a few sessions her natural intuitive abilities began to lift that fog and I began to see my direction with an opening clarity..” -A.W., Cumberland
“If you know there is more to life, but are just not sure how to find out what that is, or how to find it, Jessica can help you figure it out. She is a kind, wise, empathic listener with wonderful tools to help you on your journey.” – D.S., Fanny Bay, BC

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Session Information



In-Person Sessions

Serving Courtenay, Comox, Cumberland and region on beautiful Vancouver Island, Canada.
My office is located at The House of Now, 536 Fifth Street in Courtenay.
I see clients in-person on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from (roughly) 11-6.

Online Sessions

Yes, we can tap during an online session and it works great! 🙂
Sessions can be booked from 9:00AM – 6PM PST Monday to Friday.
Sessions are held over Zoom. You’ll need a computer or device that can record video and has a microphone.
  I’ll give you instructions on how to get set up (it’s simpler than Skype!) prior to our appointment.



Rates for In Person and Online Sessions

60-minute consultation: free
Single Appointment (90 minutes): $109 CAD

Package of three 90-minute sessions: $307 CAD

Package of six 90-minute sessions: $569 CAD




“I decided to work with Jessica after a friend told me about her. I was going through a hard time, but didn’t want to get into telling stories like I had in counselling. Working with Jessica was different; I didn’t have to tell a long story for her to be able to be totally accurate and say “this is what has been troubling you.” It felt so good to be heard.
The tapping was magical! It cut through everything. I got relief from the thoughts going around in my head. There’s more room and it feels incredibly good! It’s truly blown my mind how insightful Jessica has been. I got more out of 3 sessions with her than I did with counsellors.
If this testimonial helps anyone who was considering EFT make the move – that would be great! Jessica – thanks so much for everything – you do incredible work!”

– P.H., Comox, B.C.


“I came to see Jessica because I was stuck, 55 years old and wanting to create change. I didn’t know what I “should” be doing with my life. I was overwhelmed and anxious. After my first session with Jessica and that amazing EFT, I felt a real positive shift in my thinking. With each session I gained some clarity and a new confidence to listen attentively to my heart. Creating change was possible, without fear or anxiety.

Jessica is a gem. She asks great big soul delving questions, listens intently and offers exceptional counsel. We worked hard to get to the roots of my issue. Once those roots were exposed, I was able to understand, acknowledge and move on. That is emotional freedom. Thank you Jessica, for your guidance, wisdom, compassion and humor. I’m moving forward, excited and open to Life’s infinite possibilities!”

– R.W., Cumberland, BC


“When I was deep within the thick fog of life, absolutely exhausted and confused, I shouted to the universe to provide the right assistance to help illuminate the path I knew I needed. Jessica appeared as that guide and within our first meeting I knew she had the right skills and personal experience to help alleviate the confusion and heaviness I had been experiencing my entire life. Within a few sessions her natural intuitive abilities began to lift that fog and I began to see my direction with an opening clarity. With Jessica I felt completely accepted and immediately comfortable and did not hesitate to convey my thoughts, feelings and experiences; in particular, the peculiarities of my personal reality. As well, every meeting was brightened with Jessica’s wonderful sense of play and humour. Jessica is outstanding in her abilities as an intuitive coach and I wholeheartedly recommend her services to anyone.”

– A.W., Cumberland, B.C.


“I initially saw Jessica for Reiki but it immediately became obvious she’s so much more than a Reiki practitioner. She was able to see where I was holding myself back but more importantly, she just knew what I needed to get unstuck. Sometimes it was EFT, sometimes it was speaking some hard truths and sometimes she’d teach me an exercise I could do on my own that made a huge difference. Each session was completely unique and spot on. She just knew what was in my way and how to help me clear it out and move on to what really matters. Amazing.”

– J.B., Courtenay, B.C.


“I went to see Jessica because I was feeling stuck: work was burning me out, I wasn’t finding meaning, yet also wasn’t ready to retire. I looked at where I was in my life: I’d done the home thing, been a parent, had the career… and now what was I supposed to do with the next 30 years? I wanted to know what I was being called to.

Working with Jessica was a turning point in my life. We worked through what was weighing me down with EFT, and explored what was calling me. When I told her about my passion for Sufism, she understood. I had thought this important part of my life was impossible, ridiculous, and didn’t realize it was key to my path. Jessica was able to see this and encourage me to take it seriously and go for it. She was even able to connect me with someone in that community.

Things fell into place very quickly after that and my life made a complete turn down this path, where I now find so much meaning. I’m so glad I followed this path. People have been commenting that I look alive and happier. This has been huge. I’ve got a new direction now. Work no longer burns me out because I have a reason to be there. This feels so good and so right!

Thank you Jessica for being such an important person on my journey.”

– M.P., Merville, BC


“I found Jessica quite by accident, I like to think the universe sent her my way. I wasn’t sure what I needed but I knew I needed someone to talk to, to be heard, understood & provided with some tools to navigate this thing called everyday life.

Our sessions were very flexible, and I found Jessica was able to hear my needs, and provide insight & tools for whatever I brought to the table that day. I always came away with having had at least one “lightbulb” moment, and some food for thought to work through till our next session.

If you know there is more to life, but are just not sure how to find out what that is, or how to find it, Jessica can help you figure it out. She is a kind, wise, empathic listener with wonderful tools to help you on your journey.

Jessica helped me get through some pretty turbulent water, now I am navigating on my own, putting into practice the things I learned about myself and how to move forward.”

– Darcy from Fanny Bay, B.C.


“I started seeing Jessica a few months ago when I found family and personal issues were affecting my daily life. Even though I knew what I had to do, I couldn’t find the energy or motivation to start. I would find myself watching Netflix all day and feeling sad and lonely. A friend suggested that I see Jessica and I’m very happy that I did.

Jessica has helped me learn skills that I use everyday to lessen my stress and anxiety. I have started to exercise and take control of my diet. I find my relationships are healthier because I have established boundaries and have learnt to listen in a way that is healthy.

Jessica has a very supportive, soothing manner which puts you immediately at ease and makes her someone I would recommend to anyone looking for positive change in their life.”

D..G., Vancouver Island, B.C.


“Working with Jessica has been very inspirational. She has a kind, loving, and intuitive energy for helping to solve issues.”

-D.A., Comox Valley, BC


Thank you so much for being part of my journey – you really were a tremendous help.”

– C.M., Comox Valley, BC


“Thank you so much for making our distance sessions not only possible but so valuable. They’re deeply relaxing and empowering and come with your unique intuitive gift that makes the real difference. I feel blessed after every session.”

Joan from Wolfville, N.S.


“Jessica brings a new and refreshing perspective on adversity and the gifts it can bring to our lives.”

S.W., Comox Valley, B.C.


“Jessica is very authentic and inspiring. She doesn’t make you feel intimidated, you can explore, learn and question and feel very comfortable. I leave her workshops feeling uplifted and inspired.”

K.O., Comox Valley, B.C.


“Participating in Jessica’s workshops has been an opportunity for me not only to receive awesome insights from her, but also to meet and mingle with other like-hearted individuals on a soul quest. Jessica puts forth a systematic, well researched, yet intuitive approach to her themes. She then encourages the group to contribute their own wisdom and insights, which further enriches the topic as we journey together. Jessica’s workshops are an affordable way to dabble into those deeper themes that invite a person to continue inward and onward.”

Joanne from Courtenay, B.C.


“Thank you for the calm, comfortable guidance to tap into realizing and recognizing our own intuition. It was enlightening. Thank you Jessica.”

R.K, Comox Valley, B.C.