Two Ways to Get Unstuck Right Now (pt 2)


This is the second of a 2-part series – read Part 1 here.

When you feel like an important part of your life isn’t a fit for who you really are, but you can’t see a way to change it, what do you do? How do you get unstuck when the situation looks impossible?
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Yesterday we looked at the first tip for getting unstuck – don’t wait until you hit rock bottom. This tip works best if you have at least a basic picture of where you’d like to be. It gets you out of situations you’re enduring at the cost of your health and happiness, because it no longer makes the price of change “hitting rock bottom.”

Alright, but what about situations where you don’t have a clear picture of how to get out?
What about when all of your options seem equally bad, just for different reasons? Changing in that case would solve some problems, but create new ones. And what do you do if you have no idea how to make a change without burning all your bridges?

I’ve got an unconventional tip for you today, designed to help you overcome obstacles, and set you on a direction that actually aligns with your amazing self.

Tip #2

[h2]Dream Bigger[/h2]

Use your Personal Vision to power your transformation.

When to use it:

– When all of your options seem equally bad
– When your obstacles seem insurmountable
– When you don’t want to have to burn all of your bridges

[h2]Here’s How[/h2]

Let’s explain Tip #2 with an example: Imagine you’re in a job that is slowly but surely making you hate life. You’re well qualified for a number of different jobs in your field, but they all have some major drawback that makes changing not worth it. For example, you could apply for a different job at a company across town, but you’d lose your benefits and you’d be commuting for too long. What now?

In this situation, neither of the options looks good. You could even have 10 options on the table, but if they’re all trade-offs, you’re still going to feel stuck. So what do you do when no option really calls you? [clear] [h6 align=”center”]
Artwork by Ulrich Gerhard Osterloh[/h6]  [h2]Dream Bigger! [/h2]  

Dreaming bigger means getting in touch with what you actually want out of life. It means stepping outside of your situation for a moment, and finding out what you would do if anything and everything were viable options. The goal is to find out what really moves you. What makes you come alive. Here’s how:

Ask yourself,
What would I do, if money or time weren’t obstacles? What would I do, if any of the things in my way now didn’t exist? What kind of person would I want to be?

Let yourself journal or daydream about this for at least 15 minutes. Go grab a coffee or tea, some paper and a pen. Go ahead and do it now, before you read on…

You’ll know you’re onto something when your whole body feels light, or you feel revved up. It should even feel a little scary – that’s when you know you’re onto something.

When you’ve got to this point, you’re now at the genesis of your Personal Vision. This Personal Vision is your ticket to turning impossible into possible.

Why does this work?
[h2]Having a Vision gives you power[/h2]

Do you remember having a powerful dream to do something when you were younger and still hadn’t learned about what was supposed to be possible or not? How creative did your idea make you? How much ingenuity did you use to get closer to your dream? How many people did you end up convincing to help you, when others said it would never work?

Having a Vision is still as powerful today.

A Vision is like rocket fuel to your creative abilities, your intuition and your natural talents.  
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When you are doing something because it IS you, because it calls to you from the very deepest part of your soul, then you are unstoppable. You’re motivated to overcome obstacles and find novel ways of solving problems. You see the incredible reward of overcoming your fear. Things might be hard, but you are no longer having to force yourself to show up everyday. The Vision carries you.


Trying to change without having a Vision behind you is like trying to push a boulder uphill. Why use brute force or willpower alone, when you can use a Vision to transform your life? 

[h2]Having a Vision attracts a tribe[/h2]

When you’re holding a vision, you literally glow. Others are drawn to you. Sharing that Vision allows others the chance to help and support you.
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This is why you don’t need to know how to get from point A to point B, step by step, to be able to make a change.  

The Vision helps attract to you the things and the people who are going to help you transform your life. We never have to, nor should we expect, to make changes alone. A positive Vision draws support your way.

Do you remember committing to a dream and watching all sorts of amazing coincidences and events fall into place to support you? Could you ever have predicted what would have brought you success?

Remember, it’s not your job to know every step between A and B. Hold the Vision, let it ignite your creative problem-solving abilities, as well as attract a helpful tribe to you.
[h2]Having a Vision keeps you from getting stuck[/h2]

Having a vision keeps you from making choices based on purely “rational” reasons – like salary, location, benefits. Instead you make choices based on what is in line with your personal raison d’être. You are constantly unfolding your own myth, to paraphrase Rumi.

When you hold a Vision, each choice you make is conscious. You check in with your deepest self. It doesn’t mean there aren’t still hard choices, or compromises – but bringing the visionary energy shows you which choice brings you closer to your dreams, and often gives you creative ways to solve problems.

Holding your vision keeps you from looking back and wondering “how on earth did I wind up like this?” You are able to make in-course adjustments rather than wander far away from your dreams in the name of reasonable choices. Keep your eye on the prize!
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[h2]Having a Vision transforms your relationships[/h2]

Having a Vision isn’t just about what outcomes you want, it’s also about who you want to be at a deep level. It’s about how you relate to the things you do. Who do you want to BE in the world?


In your Vision, are you a truth speaker? A healer? An entrepreneur? A creative? Do you act from your heart? Do you conquer your fear?

These are ways of being, not just outcomes. 


With each situation, no matter how difficult, you get to decide how you want to show up. Do you want to be the person of your Vision? How would that person do the job you’re doing now? What would they bring to it?

You don’t have to burn your bridges because the Vision is about coming into who you are, not making anyone or anything else wrong. You are learning how to be in relationships in way that align with your personal Vision, not expecting anyone else to change to live in accordance with you. 
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When we enlarge how we are be-ing in our everyday lives, to become more congruent with our true nature, then we automatically transform the relationships around us. This happens as a result of changing the type of energy we’re putting out to the world. This often occurs in unexpected ways. The boss we thought we couldn’t stand begins to respond to our own shift in energy, and a new dynamic emerges. The partner we’ve become emotionally distant from senses the shift in energy and begins to feel safe taking down some of their walls. We realize we didn’t have to start all over to be happy again.


At the core of our desires for a better life is a wish to change who we are.  


This arises because in some way, we aren’t being congruent with who we are on a soul level. So instead of just changing the scenery around us – jobs, relationships, homes – it’s important to figure out where we’re going – who we are becoming. This is the power of the personal Vision. It guides not just what we’d like to be doing, but who we are becoming.

So that is Tip #2- Dream Bigger. When you feel stuck, ask yourself, am I driven by a powerful Vision of my life? It is hard to become unstuck from willpower or rational thinking alone – let your Vision be what drives you. 

What do you think of these two tips?

Have you ever made a powerful change in your life, guided by your personal Vision? Let me know. Share your thoughts in the comments section below or on the Fully Alive Facebook page.

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