Two Ways to Get Unstuck Right Now (pt 1)


Are you looking out of a small window onto the life you desire, feeling it’s completely out of reach? What do you do when you feel completely stuck? Maybe it’s job dissatisfaction, or feeling like you’re meant to do something more with your life. When you’re stuck, you can’t seem to get there.

If that feels like you, then read on, because I’ve got 2 tips to start getting you unstuck right away. Keep reading for the first one, and then head to my next article for part two.

First of all, it’s important to know that everyone gets stuck. Multiple times, usually – it’s part of the adventure of life! I’ve definitely been there, even when I try to let my higher self guide the show. I find myself worried again that I can’t change without bringing catastrophe down on me.  
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At some point, we’ve all taken stock of the situation and thought, “Without more money, more time or more freedom, I’m never gonna get there. It would be chaos if I tried to get out of my current situation.”


The good news is that there is a way out. You don’t have to be stuck forever. There is always a way to transform your life for the better.  

First tip:
[h2]Don’t wait until you hit rock bottom.[/h2]

Discover what waiting for permission to change is costing you.

When to use it:

– When you feel unjustified in making a change
– When enduring your situation is slowly making you sick, depressed, or burnt out
– When your desired life would raise some eyebrows


Here’s an example to explain Tip #1: Let’s say you’re someone who has too much to do, and not enough time or energy to do it. You wish you could let go of some of your commitments, but it feels impossible. Everything demands your time.

Does that sound familiar? If you find yourself stuck in life because it feels like the type of change you need would never fly in your world – ask yourself this:

Would I be able to drop some of these commitments (or insert your desired change) if I hit rock bottom?

Meaning, if you were totally done, and anyone around you could see that you were maxed out – would you be able to do what you desire? Would it feel justified?

If you answered yes, then consider this:

Waiting until you hit rock bottom is the same thing as waiting for permission to make the changes you’re afraid to make.


When you hit rock bottom, you’re “allowed” to change because you’ve clearly tried everything in your power. Changing the situation – in this example, dropping the extra commitments – is considered the last resort because it’s not allowed in your worldview. Only hitting rock bottom makes it an option.

Not allowed? Says who? We’ll get to that shortly…

[clear][h6 align=”center”][/h6]   [h2]Here’s another way to apply Tip #1:[/h2] 

I’ll start with an example. Let’s say you would really love to go down a new path, exploring your passion and talent for upcycling or refurbing old furniture. You make amazing, one-of-a-kind pieces that people have been telling you for ages would sell for good money. But you feel like it would be irresponsible to go down to part-time hours at your current job to do that.

Fill in your own dream or passion on this one. Are you with me?

OK, now ask yourself:

If an authority, someone who I respect, and who’s also respected by the people I know, told me that I should absolutely go for this new venture, would I be willing to do it? Would I go for my dreams if some authority gave me permission?

If you feel like you’d be willing to give your passions a shot because someone in authority confirmed to you that it’s OK, then consider this: you’re waiting for someone outside of you to give you permission to start on your dreams. You’re leaving your life in the hands of an imaginary authority. Here’s why it’s so important not to do that:


You’re never going to find that someone to give you the permission to follow your dreams. Permission comes from you.


[h2]So what now?[/h2] 

The way to get unstuck is to be your own authority. You are the one living day and night with the choices you make, until the day you die. Who could have more authority over what’s in your best interest than you?

Your own soul is your highest authority. Your inner wisdom, the little voice inside you, knows what is best for you. It knows that more is possible than you may be able to perceive.

If you’re stuck because you’re waiting for someone to tell you it’s OK to make a change, then you’re going to be waiting for a very long time. Maybe until you hit rock bottom.


How tired do you have to get to be allowed to make a change? How sick do you have to get? How depressed do you have to feel? How obvious does it have to be to everyone around you what burdens you carry?

Whose permission do you need?


Change can happen in a moment. Any moment.

You are your own authority. Consult yourself, and be empowered to make your move!

Ok, you say, is it possible to make the change you desire without burning your bridges? How can you move from one alternative to another, if they both look equally bad? What if there’s no clear way forward? We will look at those questions in part two!

Continue to part two…. 

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