Sunday, January 21

EFT for Anxiety

Holy Cow Yoga Studio, Courtenay, BC
1:00PM to 3:00PM


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Find yourself wrapped up in worry and overthinking? Are you constantly carrying tension in your neck and shoulders, and a tightness in your chest?
Now imagine you could break free from your anxiety and reconnect with your natural confidence – without trying to force yourself to think differently!
In this class, we’ll be using tapping, also known as Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), to create less anxious, more calm and empowering states of mind. Tapping is a technique that allows you to literally re-wire the stress response in your brain. You’ll feel lighter, more open and connected, and have a new tool to re-centre yourself during stressful times.
Workshop cost: $35.


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Workshop Testimonials

“A big thank you. This was one of the best workshops I’ve ever taken, in terms of giving me a useful skill to take away. And I’ve attended lots of classes, workshops, etc. And I know it is useful, because in the intervening 2 days I’ve used it, and sense changes in some issues. I will be working on the larger ones as part of my self care. Really. Thank you.” – Workshop Participant


“To be honest, a feeling of happiness for no apparent reason was achieved and I feel this has been carrying on for me a few days after the workshop. I had such a deep peaceful sleep that night which was wonderful :)” – Workshop Participant


“I liked that it was funny! And I actually like doing EFT in a group. Feels less like “therapy” and more like healthy fun personal but group play. Then later I can take it home and reflect or work more on things. You have a very strong presence and ability to hold a group energy with grace :)” – Workshop Participant