Sunday, December 17

Fully Alive:
Release Blocks to Authentic Living

Centre for Spiritual Living, Campbell River, BC
1:00PM to 3:00PM


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When are you most yourself, free to self-express and act from the heart? Caroline Myss calls the courage to live this way “soul stamina.” We may experience alignment during our spiritual practice, but for all of us, it’s hardest to stay open and aligned we’re with our family, dealing with deadlines, or in uncomfortable situations.
In this experiential workshop, we’ll be taking a loving look at the blocks that are keeping us from being more congruent in our lives. Using Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), also known as tapping, we’ll start to change the way we respond to familiar situations, opening up new possibilities to come into alignment with our hearts. Freer to respond authentically, we’ll step out into the world with more confidence, lightness and love.
Workshop cost: $20.


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    Sunday, January 21

EFT for Anxiety

Holy Cow Yoga Studio, Courtenay, BC
1:00PM to 3:00PM


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Find yourself wrapped up in worry and overthinking? Are you constantly carrying tension in your neck and shoulders, and a tightness in your chest?
Now imagine you could break free from your anxiety and reconnect with your natural confidence – without trying to force yourself to think differently!
In this class, we’ll be using tapping, also known as Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), to create less anxious, more calm and empowering states of mind. Tapping is a technique that allows you to literally re-wire the stress response in your brain. You’ll feel lighter, more open and connected, and have a new tool to re-centre yourself during stressful times.
Workshop cost: $35.


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    Tuesday, January 9

Success is a Mindset

The House of Now, Courtenay, BC
10:00AM to 12:00PM


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Do you have a vision or a goal for 2018? A project you’re working on, a business you run, or a dream you want to make come true?

Consider that before the first action is taken, your thoughts have sealed your fate. Either they create the path to success or they leave you playing small. Most of us are limiting our potential in ways we aren’t even aware of – closing doors that are wide open in front of us, or passing up opportunities because they don’t fit into our frame of reference.
I invite you to take the lid off the mental box so you can live at your potential.
This workshop incorporates current brain-based methods for changing your thoughts and recreating the scope of what’s possible. We’ll be using tapping, a clinically-backed technique to release stress and shift your perception of what you can do. Leave behind what you thought you knew about yourself. I invite you to see bigger possibilities.


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