You know you’re full of untapped potential.

Potential for extraordinary experiences, real relationships and to offer your genuine self to the world. But you haven’t found the “missing peace” yet and you’re feeling stuck.
Perhaps life got turned upside down and inside out. Did you end a relationship, move, get diagnosed, or leave work? Perhaps you’ve been looking for answers to fix the insomnia, lift the depression, or ease the anxiety that are stopping you from feeling like yourself. But it’s hard to figure out!

If you’re like many of my clients, you’ve tried thinking your way out of it.

You did what us go-for-it types do – you strategized a plan, and when it didn’t work, you strategized harder. Perhaps it brought you to rounds of counselling, had you try on some mental gymnastics, or read a few self-help books.

But did any of those things make you fully, beautifully alive?

If you’re here, I’m going to guess probably not. And I know why.
You’re stuck settling and surviving, because both the hitch in your plan and your ticket to fulfillment are hiding in your blind spot.  
I know that you’re remarkable, big heart. And it’s actually great that you’re right where you are, totally stuck. First, we all get stuck, usually before we figure out something big. And second, if you resonated with this, you’re exactly the type of person I’m great at helping to get unstuck.