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Know someone with a vision for 2018?


I help people succeed by taking care of the invisible stuff that can either empower us or cause us to get stuck somewhere on the way.


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Each session is 90-minutes long. We can meet in person in Courtenay, BC, or online.
I combine powerful coaching tools with tapping, also known as “Emotional Freedom Techqniques.” I help your loved one create an empowering, success-based mindset. An empowering mindset is the foundation that allows us to really go for our vision and create success all along the way. The best part is, they won’t be doing the usual mental gymnastics to get there.
Gift certificates do not expire. Sessions are typically held once a week, but there is no restriction on scheduling.
You’ll receive the gift certificate by email and it will have the recipient’s name on it. I’ll have it prepared within 1 business day of your purchase.

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