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My Story

I was going for it. I was a young professional and had already lived in six countries and worked in three languages. I won awards and snagged opportunities that many people competed for.
And I felt like shit most of the time.  
I was playing the biggest game I knew how, but I still struggled to squeeze joy and meaning from my life.
I couldn’t figure out how to be fully alive. No matter how I changed my life around, or who I met, nothing broke that spell.
I even took a hiatus from the world – spending eight months living in my tent and rock climbing in the desert. I seriously wondered whether walking away from everything in our crazy modern world was my only way to be happy! Maybe you can relate.
I definitely didn’t figure out how to get unstuck quickly. In fact, I was pretty stuck for fifteen years. I thought my brain could figure it out!
But it took a toll on my body. I suffered from chronic fatigue and autoimmune-like symptoms that got worse every year. Eventually I had to leave work.


But here’s when things started to get better.

Left with nowhere else that my brain or determination alone could take me, I finally started to learn how to get out of my own way and live.
I started looking in directions I’d never considered before. The right teachers and lessons began to appear in front of me. Finally, things clicked. I was able to follow where my soul was leading me, and realized I was onto something really big. I definitely wasn’t stuck anymore.
Life expanded outward exponentially.
Funnily enough, when I started living the way I was supposed to, all of the things I could’ve wanted finally arrived. I’d cashed my winning ticket.
– I met the love of my life
– I finally got the right medical treatment that reversed my physical symptoms
– I started a purpose-based business that I still love to do every day
I’m also proud to be even more sensitive and heart-opened.. and have more personal power than ever before.
It’s true that things can turn out for the best. 🙂


Today, I’m an authority on getting unstuck and living fully. I’ve helped people from all walks of life, and am consistently told I see what others miss. If you’re wanting more, be bold, and take a chance to reach out.


My Credentials

I’ve been trained in Clinical EFT through a program accredited by the American Psychological Association, as well as received mentoring by professional EFT practitioners. I seek out and complete workshops and trainings complimentary to coaching every year – including programs in health coaching, personal development, and communication. (In my former life, I worked for a number of years in the environmental sciences field, and earned a degree from the University of British Columbia.)
I’ve been full-time devoted to EFT and coaching for about 3 years now, working with folks like you in the Comox Valley and online. I’ve worked with counsellors and psychotherapists, teachers and university lecturers, stay-at-home parents, retirees, artists and designers, health care professionals, IT folks, managers, information analysts, students, government workers, and many others from all sorts of walks of life.
The “secret sauce” to what I do and why it works comes from my life experience. Simply put, I learned to feel and to see. I’m able to feel/see the stuff that holds people back everywhere, and also see how to get past it. This is a skill you pick up from real life, not workshops or programs, because there is no formula that gets everyone unlocked. That’s why most coaches practice a few techniques, but can’t really see what’s emotionally going on, so you stay stuck. I offer something different!


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My Vision: You Shining

I’m not cool with living in a world where remarkable, kind-hearted people are shut down. Something different is possible!
Instead of being trapped in a soup of negative emotions, I know people can become fully, beautifully alive. My mission is to help as many people as I can live a life where they are fulfilled and can give their real self to the world.
Next time you feel friction between your life and your dreams, consider you have a chance to step out of the frame and take action that day. Ready to get started?