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Want more from life in 2018
but unsure how to get there?

I can help you get unstuck and live a life that’s


The shift starts from the first session:
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“Each session was completely unique and spot on. She just knew what was in my way and how to help me clear it out and move on to what really matters. Amazing.”

-J.B., Courtenay, BC

You know you’re full of untapped potential.

Potential for extraordinary experiences, real relationships and to offer your genuine self to the world. But you haven’t found the “missing peace” yet and you’re feeling stuck.
Perhaps life got turned upside down and inside out. Did you end a relationship, move, get diagnosed, or leave work? Perhaps you’ve been looking for answers to fix the insomnia, lift the depression, or ease the anxiety that are stopping you from feeling like yourself. But it’s hard to figure out!

If you’re like many of my clients, you’ve tried thinking your way out of it.

You did what us go-for-it types do – you strategized a plan, and when it didn’t work, you strategized harder. Perhaps it brought you to rounds of counselling, had you try on some mental gymnastics, or read a few self-help books.

But did any of those things make you fully, beautifully alive?

If you’re here, I’m going to guess probably not. And I know why.
You’re stuck settling and surviving, because both the hitch in your plan and your ticket to fulfillment are hiding in your blind spot.  
I know that you’re remarkable, big heart. And it’s actually great that you’re right where you are, totally stuck. First, we all get stuck, usually before we figure out something big. And second, if you resonated with this, you’re exactly the type of person I’m great at helping to get unstuck.

“Working with Jessica was a turning point in my life. I now find so much meaning. People have been commenting that I look alive and happier.
This has been huge. I’ve got a new direction now. This feels so good and so right!”

-M.P., Merville, BC

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What’s Possible


Imagine there’s already a winning lottery ticket inside you to lead a fulfilling life.

I’m here to help you cash it in.

Imagine you were living with your true colours out. Imagine you were playing the biggest game you could.
What does that look like for you? In work, in play, with friends, with loved ones?
I bet you feel it now and then – that bursting energy in your heart to give give give from a place of pure inspiration, ability and love.
That energy is you. And make no mistake, it’s magic for anyone who gets to come in contact with it.
I want you to be awed by the abundance that comes from fully expressing that energy. (And our world would be a better place for it!)
Remember, you already hold the winning ticket to a fulfilling life.

Ready to cash it in and open new doors?


Come to a free consult.

It’s gutsy to book one of these, so kudos to you.
No sales pitch and no further commitment is necessary. The session will be 60 minutes.
Give it a try for free – book your consult.

“Working with Jessica was different. I got relief from the thoughts going around in my head. It’s truly blown my mind how insightful Jessica has been. I got more out of 3 sessions with her than I did with counsellors.”

-P.H., Comox BC


What would you do at your full potential?





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